Manufacturer and exporter of
orthopedic aids and surgical dressings
as per ISO 9001 GMP &
Schedule-M Standards.

REALCIDE 2% - Glutaral Disinfectant Solution U.S.P.

Bactericidal Disinfectant Solution, Disinfecting and Sterilizing Solution for Surgical Instruments
Glutaral Disinfectant Solution U.S.P. is a bactericidal disinfectant which is rapidly effective against gram positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses including HBV, HIV fungi and spores.

It is used for sterilizing of endoscopic and dental instruments, rubber or plastic equipment, and for other equipment which cannot be sterilized by heat. It is one of the best disinfecting and sterilizing solution for surgical instruments.

Our Glutaral Disinfectant Solution U.S.P. is manufactured as per ISO 9001 GMP and Schedule-M standards and contains not less than 100.0 percent and not more than 110.0 percent, by weight, of the labeled amount of C5H8O2.